4 Tips on Landscaping

landscaping ideasLandscaping adds interest to your lawn. And it boosts your curb appeal. Garden does not have to cost a lot of money. But it requires careful thought, planning, and research. You will do most of the work, especially if you cannot afford a landscaping expert.

The following are tips on landscaping.

1. Use a Retainer

Retaining walls create visual areas of interest. They define flower beds. And they prevent soil erosion.

2. Connect Points of Interest With a Walkway

Do not walk on your lawn. Why? Because you will damage it. If there are points of interest, connect these points with a walkway, pathway or any other landscaping feature.

Use crushed stone, decorative brick, natural flagstone, or concrete stepping stones to create the walkway.

3. Use a Big Rock to Break up a Monotonous Yard

landscaping garden ideas

A big rock helps to make a statement with your monotonous yard. When you have a boulder in your landscape, it breaks up the monotony. Talk to a landscaping expert if you are not sure of the type of rock to put in your lawn.

4. Plant Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs retain their needles and their leaves all year long. They are always green, so they provide cover and color. Place these shrubs near your house to give it a more inviting appearance.

Follow these tips on landscaping when working on your lawn.